Thoughts ‘Borrowed’ From Davos

Posted by admin on January 29, 2010 in borrowing, public borrowing, recession | Short Link
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No, sorry. I didn’t make it to Davos 2010 – I wish. After Copenhagen, this would have been an event too far… In a blog post from Davos, the Beeb’s Robert Peston discusses the thoughts of some of the world’s top bankers about the state of things now. It seems that these guys agree with […]

Public Sector Debt And The Everlasting Recession

Back at the end of July 2009, your author wrote a post titled: ” 2016: The End Of This Recession? “. At the time I felt a little bonkers, it was the out-loud musings of an amateur economist and nothing more. But the tide of economic thought seems to be moving in this direction… In […]

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